Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Beyonce News...

There is so much going on with Beyonce day to day after having started her world tour The Mrs. Carter Show last week (April 15) that even I refuse to give the queen this many posts in one day, so let's get acclimated with the goings on of Mrs. Knowles Carter on one accord.

On the cover of yet another magazine Bey serves up couture fashion in a Givenchy organza gown in Vanity Fair Italy.

Due to the release of the unflattering photos during this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show Beyonce has now barred all professional photographers from her world tour except Frank Micelotta hired by her people.

Why now a few shows in, why not start the tour off with this rule if this in fact stemmed from the Super Bowl? The photos weren't that bad to me.

To me, this shows Beyonce putting some umph into her moves.

Anywho, get ready for the 3-4 photos that Beyonce's company Parkwood Entertainment will release after each show now. Don't fret if you think 3 or 4 photos won't due for you, what will happen next is the fans will be our photographers and their camera phone pics won't be any better than the oddly snapped photographs by the professionals.

And speaking of photos, allegedly yesterday a security camera photo surfaced of what appears to be Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Mothercare a UK store.

A manager from the store confirmed Beyonce was there with Baby Blue but no word yet on whether or not that's Khloe Kardahsian Odom ahead of them.

Also having been released this week are the stills from Beyonce's H&M commercial.

Let's get it over with, this wouldn't be a Beyonce post without videos.

Be sure to check out Beyonce's Tumblr which was recently updated!


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