Monday, April 29, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Ray J "I Hit It First" Featuring Bobby Brackins

Ray J won't be satisfied until Kris Jenner finds a way to sue him.

Bobby Brackins should feel dumb as spit right now.

If this lame attempt at being seen and trying to make a dollar at the same time wasn't enough for you don't fret because Ray J promises to give you more heat (his breath).

How freakin' delusional is this dude? I think Ray J really thinks he's pulling the wool over our eyes with this one. He's not taking shots with this song? This is not disrespectful to Kim Kardashian? What is this guy sipping?

Oh, whatever! I'm simply posting this BS because I never want there to be a time that Ray J can ever deny his did this bullshit. Gotta love the world wide web!

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