Friday, April 19, 2013

President Obama Denies Involvement In Jay Z & Beyonce's Trip To Cuba

Jay Z and Beyonce took a trip to Cuba during their wedding anniversary earlier this month (April 4) which immediately sparked an uproar due to tourism being banned in Cuba. This in turn inspired Jay to release a record in their defense (well sorta but not really)  'Open Letter' in which he taunts as if President Obama in fact green lit the trip.

Fast forward to now, while having a serious sit down with Savannah Guthrie of  NBC's TODAY show on April 17 President Barack Obama found himself denying any involvement in Jay Z and Beyonce's trip to Cuba.

'We've got better things to do.' - President Obama

The White House denied any involvement from the jump, does this mean from now on every interview the President agrees to he will  be asked this question again and again? Or coming straight from the mouth of the President of the Unites States is enough now?

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