Friday, April 26, 2013

SEEN: Teyana Taylor & Beyonce

Teyana Taylor was able to catch Beyonce's The Mrs. Carter Show in Paris earlier this week where she met up backstage with Beyonce where they shared a heart to heart conversation...which Teyana later shared with Instagram.

Left the show in tears... Had a lil heart to heart wit The Queen Bey after her show. She told me how proud of me she was, & she knew i would be a star since the first time I taught her my Harlem moves lol i told her im not impressed with me YET but my season is coming soon she checked me and said "ya season is NOW & When u stop worrying about what haters got to say, you'll start to notice that the RITE people are rooting for you. I am, I see you. I'm here for you whenever u need an ear"- Beyonce ❤❤ I love you Bey thanks for all of ur kinds words. 

How sweet, has there ever been anyone to met Miss Beyonce and say she wasn't a delight?  She seems to be a genuinely sweet person...or an awesome actress. I'll take sweet for my preference.

Anywho, check out some awesome pics below.

Teyana had good seats...

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