Friday, May 3, 2013

Kanye West Tweets "June Eighteen"

Yesterday Kanye West sent out one his cryptic signature tweets leaving fans confused.

Not only did Kanye send this tweet out but he erased all of his other cryptic tweets leaving only the questionable tweet.

Could this be Kim Kardashian's due date? Nah, something tells me and few other folks that this very well could be the release date of Kanye's sixth studio album.

One would think that with all the time Kanye spent working on his album in Paris while away from pregnant Kim, who is due in late June/early July, was done to free up time when the baby comes but this seems like it would make Kanye even busier.

 We know Kanye doesn't do press but how will he promote his work? Videos? Performances? I'm sure he'll find a way Mr. West is very creative when it comes to visualizing his talents...we shall see.

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