Friday, May 3, 2013

Miley Cyrus Gets Racy For V Magazine

Miley Cyrus has been trying for months to get us to realize that she is no longer little Hannah Montana by changing her appearance drastically along with some questionable behavior.

While Miley is 20 years old and no longer playing the role as Disney's Montana folks like me just couldn't get with the new Miley no matter how much shock value the child attempts to force on us. But this new look she's showcasing  inside her 3 cover  V Magazine spread may do the trick.

Check out Miley sporting the only new change I really love, her hair, and her bare assets in the magazine May issue.

I don't think I was ready to see Miley's ass. I actually like these photos, although I feel they are abrupt and in some she looks uncomfy, but I wonder if this is Miley or does she feel this is a necessity to sell her new image and music.

We can't put total blame on Miley because she's blaming Pharrell Williams, who is producing her new album, for her drastic change.
“My accountant doesn’t love Pharrell like I do. Because he introduced me to some vintage shit in Miami that’s crazy. I’ve always been different in how I dress, but Pharrell and especially Helen—because when Pharrell would be editing we would just go on the computer and shop—they helped me understand how I could express myself through how I dress.” 

Hmmmm, are we down with Miley's new look?


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