Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bruce Jenner Is All Smiles In Wake Of Separation News + Flips Off Paps With Daughters

If you think for one minute Bruce Jenner is sitting at home pulling his hair out over Kris Jenner think AGAIN!!

The former bitch of Kris Jenner was spotted yesterday after the news of the separation broke with daughters Kendall and Kylie. The Jenners were filming for their reality show on a golf course with all parties looking to be nothing but ecstatic and thrilled.

When did it become okay for the Jenner girls to be vulgar like their older siblings?

I bet Bruce has a refined lady somewhere in the cut and could give a rats ass about half the shit he use to.

As for Kris, I'm sure she's somewhere trying to find out how many checks she can milk out of this not including one from Bruce because the two INSIST divorce is not an option at this point. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ok. Like what is separating suppose to do?

Kris has been itching to be a Kardashian for some time now, you better believe before the ink dries on the divorce papers she will be back to Kardashian...for business reasons of course.

Do you know how thrilled E! has to be about this family right now? What a way to let down/lift up a network! Between Khloe and Lamar and now Kris and Bruce the KUWTK's ratings are going to be through the roof...AGAIN.

Photos: X17Online

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