Monday, October 7, 2013

Christopher Williams Joins The Cast of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'?

Not holding a peach of course, but word on the street is that 90s R&B singer Christopher Williams and his better half (is he even married?) have in fact joined the cast of RHOA and have already provided their required dose of ratchetness.

Hip Hop Weekly reported the news of an altercation between Williams and Kenya Moore's assitant last month.

The latest drama surrounding the reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta has hit the web before the new season makes its way to TV! HHW spoke exclusively with a source on the scene who informed us that things popped off after R&B vet Christopher Williams, who will be appearing on the show this season with his wife, threw a couple of verbal jabs at Kenya Moore. Tension in the room was already high as several cast members had been arguing during a scene filmed yesterday at a suite in an unnamed Atlanta hotel, but it was Williams’ remarks about Moore’s shady business dealings that sparked a physical confrontation between he and Moore’s assistant, Brandon DeShazer.Housewives husbands Peter Thomas and Apollo Nida attempted to separate the two, but DeShazer would not be controlled, which resulted in him being physically handled by Apollo, who is a friend of Williams. The brawl got really ugly, and we are sure it will all be played on film when the new season kicks off  later this year.

This story has been somewhat reported by Perez Hilton as well but only mentions Apollo and Kenya's assistant no Williams.

But Atlanta's in the know girl, Talking With Tami, is also reporting on Williams' arrival.

My sources are saying that Christopher may be ‘allegedly’ joining the cast of one of the most popular reality shows on tv, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. I have seen him around town going to a few events and I snapped these pictures of him at a Atlanta Housewives affair. My source says that he is now married and is trying out for the reality show but I don’t really know if he is actually married. I can’t find any record of that. When I chatted with Christopher a few months back, I asked him what he has been up to. He told me that he was back in the studio and working on new material plus he just relocated here.

Does Atlanta offer some kind of Start Your Life Over starter kit that features a house and a reality show?

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