Thursday, October 3, 2013

FIRST LOOK: Braxton Family Values New Season

They're back...and Tamar too!!

Y'all this is being called season 3.5...

Check it out!

These sistas are gonna have hell on wheels this season. I predict Tamar will show her ass even more now that she's felt true success with her career, Toni and Tamar will bump heads with Toni appearing to be a hater, Traci will flip on Tamar and her husband, Trina's ass isn't leaving Gabe because it's too good of a storyline, Towanda is getting her life, someone will try and hook Miss Evelyn up with some old rich man, "Daddy" will make his required appearances and Tamar will ask at least on of her sister to sing background for her.

Oh it's gonna be an entertaining mess...WATCH in November!

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