Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kim Kardashian Posts Badly Photoshopped Photo Of Herself

In preparation for her and her sister's Kardashian Kollection launch at Lipsy  today Kim Kardashian posted an unfamiliar photo of herself yesterday to her website. By unfamiliar I mean, she absolutely doesn't look like this now and hasn't in years if ever.

Am I suppose to believe this was taken recently or back when Kim was in high school? If the only way I could make money was off of my looks my fitness and beauty regimen would be off the hook. By off the hook I don't mean blatant photoshopping.

Seriously, who's body did Kim use? Kendall's?!!

The future Mrs. West was photographed in San Francisco just one day after Kanye West popped the question exuding sexy with all her curves and boobs.

What's wrong with this Kimmy? Is she not marketable enough?

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