Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marlo Hampton Sheds Light On 'I Dream of NeNe' Bridesmaidzillas Drama

Did y'all catch I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding last night? If you didn't, make it one of your television priorities to catch one of it's million and one reairs by next Tuesday so you can be in the loop of all the foreseen drama unfolding.

As a matter of fact let me post a lil video now for those of you out of the loop...

I agree with NeNe, you can't be sensitive and me!

Well as you saw or just saw last night NeNe Leakes' BFF Diana showed us that she is NOT a fan of the fashion loving Marlo Hampton whose claim to fame is almost being an Atlanta Housewives cast member.

Not everyone is on board with Diana's feelings...

I wonder if Diana feels some way about Laura Govan and NeNe's new friendship or is it simply because Marlo has a criminal background?

Anywho, Marlo gave CoCo Fab an exclusive scoop of what she feels really went down and why.

“I feel that all the other girls besides one and two, their job was to be a private eye on me and take notes of everything I was doing and report every two hours on whatever Marlo was doing,” she said of the prying bridesmaids. “I think they were bridesmaids and private investigators.”
They were on Marlo. Every move Marlo made; ‘she’s turning left, she’s turning right…now she’s putting her leg up’…It was really like as if I was in high school and they’re reporting to mom on me,” she says.
“I understand I have a big personality so I’m a lot for a young lady to take, but I just feel like be confident in who you are and accept Marlo for who she is. I’m accepting them for who they are.” 
“Anything I do, I do big. I don’t know how to do anything normal. They’re like, ‘you’re too extra’ but I don’t know how to be nothing but extra. Marlo and extra goes together,” she admits. ”It’s not like I’m being mean or disrespectful to people. I’m doing what I want to do and this is how I live. It’s not like I’m just doing it for you girls who don’t even appreciate it.” 
“For her to try to act like she’s living in this glass house and she’s not living in one and you just wanna sit and put accusations on me and what I’m doing and how i afford my lifestyle–i just think it’s so hilarious,” she says. “I’m like, don’t you have children by a married man? Are you serious right now? I mean… that’s awful.”
“These girls are really crazy and I just think they gave me too much energy. This is supposed to be Nene’s day,” she says. “Don’t worry about what I’m wearing, how I’m walking.  Leave me the heck alone!” 

All in all it looks like all this was worth Marlo being apart of NeNe and Gregg's big day.
“It was my first time in a wedding and it was an awesome wedding,” she says. “I loved that we got to design our dresses. It was awesome.”
I commend Marlo for not going off on Diana. There are many things about Marlo that may turn some folks off but obviously she has changed some to not have even mentioned that Diana Gowins knowingly had twins by a married attorney (Willie E. Gary) and got paid something big time in the process....$28k a month big time in child support that she allegedly spent on herself and others.

Kudos to Marlo and shame on NeNe for not getting these hags in order while she's trying to secure a spin off.

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