Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NEW HAIR ALERT: Jada Pinkett Smith Goes For Partial Buzz Cut

Jada Pinkett Smith is giving her daughter Willow a run for her money with her recent hair transformation. These days Jada is rocking the faux-hawk, which includes a partially shaved head, a look that Jada has been remixing on and off for some time now.

Although this look isn't as mature as some would like for Jada to have opted for, I think it goes well with her bone structure and sense of style. Let's be real, in her mind Jada is a rock star and that is simply what this semi dated look is...rock star'ish.

However, I would love to see Jada shave it all off and add a little more blonde. I'm figuring she'll look just like her mom...who she probably doesn't want to look like at this time judging from the new cut.

Photos: Bauer Griffin/Ramey; National Photo Group 

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