Wednesday, October 23, 2013

VIDEO: Kanye West Explains "White Voice" Change

I noticed a difference in Kanye West's speaking during his appearance on Kris Jenner's short lived talk show. I thought it was kinda funny and crazy like most but what I didn't expect was for the voice to stick and that Kanye was actually consciously turning on and off what he calls his "white voice".

Check out what he had to say about why and when the voice is appropriate.

In the most professional articulate voice saying the shit that Kanye just said it would still sound stupid. He sounds like an uppity negro trying to be something that he isn't. Miss me with that classist new money status driven persona he's trying to put on. Just because it looks good in bright lights and/or print doesn't mean it makes since or better yet is good for you.

Maybe...just MAYBE...if Kanye went back to his old self he wouldn't have to perform so much off the stage for a little attention. Dork!!


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