Thursday, October 24, 2013

VIDEO: Kanye West's Proposal To Kim Kardashian Caught On Tape

Check out the proposal Kanye West dropped on Kim K this past Monday on her birthday at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Dayum Kim seemed more overjoyed that her friends and family were there and they seemed to care less about Kanye. "Girl you got him!!"

This just proves my point that Kanye loves the attention. Who was taping this? How did he not see it? Why were E! cameras there? Why doesn't Knaye EVER get mad at how so much of their life is revealed on TMZ by a source? Yeah, source my ass...

Oh, we see you Jaden Smith...I guess mommy and daddy approved because Kanye West was there.

BTW, the proposal was cute as shit and would have been even better had the ability to rip it to shreds not been provided. Fame whores, ugh!!


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