Friday, February 14, 2014

Kanye West Goes Off On Another Rant...Mentions Sway and Charlamagne

Kanye West delivered a cringe worthy insane rant while performing at Penn State last night.

During one of his more classic hits Kanye decided to address a couple of people who have nothing but critical things to say about him. Most notably people in radio.

I thought Kanye swore he wouldn't do anymore rants for six months back in December?

This stop in Pennsylvania is a part of  two week extension of the Yeezus tour. It has been speculated that due to ticket sales Kanye's tour has been a flop and being as though he's had a chance to rant wild on radio show hosts Sway and Charlamagne but has waited all this time to do so says a lot about Kanye's priorities.

Now all Kanye has to worry about are radio personalities clowning his unsuccessful tour and the loss of his mind. I'd ask for a refund of my concert ticket if I went to see Kanye and he didn't rant. His rants have become more profitable than his tour...

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