Friday, February 7, 2014

Keyshia Cole Is Having The Worst Week Ever

While Keyshia Cole was on Twitter going back and forth with strippers that have gotten their hands on $5K from her estranged husband Daniel Gibson she should've been somewhere handing her accountant his/her walking papers.

The troubled singer is said to owe Uncle Sam $162k in back taxes she failed to pay in 2009 from the profits of her A Different Me Tour.
According to a lien filed in Georgia on November 25, last year, the federal government claims Cole failed to pay taxes in 2009 – and owes a total of $162,158.93 to the IRS!Read The Court DocumentsIn 2009, Cole embarked on her very first headlining tour, A Different Me Tour, that featured opening acts TLCLil Kim andThe-Dream, but the government appears the 32-year-old signer still hasn’t paid taxes on that profitable year.The IRS notes on the lien that they will seize her property if she doesn’t pay off the debt.
Yet she's getting her ass and feelings handed to her by a Houston stripper on Twitter who is defending her stripper friend that allegedly has ties to Daniel .

If she knew any better she'd be real nice to Daniel AND them strippers in an attempt to squash her bill with the IRS. But looking at the tweets that shit isn't happening any quicker than she paying off her debt.

How can she be mad about Daniel dropping $5k in a strip club when she's been around ATL and gawd knows where else with Fabolous' right hand man Mr. Ruggs...hence her being with Cassie the other day.

Hopefully Keyshia's recent reconciliation with her former manager Manny Halley (Nicki Minaj's manager) and her allgeded filing for divorce in Cali (Shaunie O'Neal style) will send some profits her way to handle her bills...and attitude.

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