Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Petition To STOP George Zimmerman's "Celebrity" Boxing Match has opened a petition to Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match...and I will sign it.

There's so many things wrong with this picture. First of all, he is NOT  a celebrity and why in the hell would anyone want to further his spotlight all while adding money to his bank account. Second, he's open to fighting an African American male and has reportedly said that he'd like to fight Kanye West or DMX while rapper The Game has volunteered his physical efforts.

Here's my thing, a man that is infamously known for killing an unarmed teenage African American male and got off  has requested to fight an African American we not see the issue here? And to make matters worse both DMX and The Game have expressed their need to fight him for Trayvon and all African Americans. FYI idiots, don't speak for me!!!

Zimmerman has reportedly been training like CRAZY for this fight that is set to take place on March 1 but what happens if he wins? Do you really think DMX is in any condition to fight anybody? What example is The Game setting for kids?

There is no reason in hell why George Zimmerman should even be discussed let alone offered the opportunity to fight in a celebrity boxing match. What is this accomplishing? This is like a HUGE slap in the faces of Trayvon Martin's parents and loved ones.

We gotta wake up people and not support this bullshit. George Zimmerman deserves several seats in hell.

Sign the petition HERE

Now do't get it twisted, I'd like to see Zimmerman get his but I don't think it should be in the hands of Man while he profits. If this does go down, and I think it will, I will NOT watch nor report on it.

BTW, CNN is reporting that the lucky opponent has been chosen...

Early Wednesday morning, he said he's picked the contender. Out of more than 15,000 e-mailed requests, he's going with DMX.

This is a freakin' joke. Do you really think he can beat Zimmerman? Do you think he'll be incarcerated on the day of the fight? I could only hope so.

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