Monday, February 3, 2014

VIDEOS: Super Bowl XLVIII Entertainment

Queen Latifah blessed myself as well as fellow Super Bowl XLVIII watchers last night when she performed America The Beautiful with an all-girls choir.

According to, Queen wanted an all-girls choir and after seeing clips of them online, called via Skype last Monday during a regular rehearsal to see if they wanted to sing with her.

It's only fitting for a Queen to get down like that...go Latifah!!

Following Miss Latifah was my favorite surprise of the night. This year GRAMMY Award winning soprano Renee Fleming was perfection singing the National Anthem.

Now let me first say I've been wondering for a long while now just why the hell Bruno Mars was chosen to do the half time show. His talent is not at all questionable but but his presence in music is soooo new....and IMO he wasn't that great of a performer.

Sooooo last night after all my SB party guests dayum near screamed down my throat about Bruno and his greatness I watched the half time show with an abundance of optimism....and I still think he wasn't worthy of the honor.

Don't get me wrong his performance was great and captivating the Hooligans (Bruno's eight-piece band) did THAT and so did Red Hot Chili Peppers but I would love to know who they called first that declined this opportunity? I just don't think this was the best platform for Bruno at this time in his career nor being the type of performer he is but you sure enough can believe his performance last night has not only garnered him new fans but many accolades as well.

I've been trying to rack my brain who could have been better fitting but I can't and need to stop talking away from one of the biggest moments in this man's career...but I will say his hair and make up were on point!!

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