Monday, March 24, 2014

Is TMZ Out of Line?

TMZ has no tact when it comes to reporting entertainment news. Although much of what they report could fall under shit you could live without knowing my once favorite celebrity gossip entertainment news show (the site has never been my fav) is beginning to irk my nerves in their quest to be No. 1.

Simply because they know they can TMZ teeter tots on the borderline of being offensive almost daily. In an attempt for shits and giggles I've noticed that they will make up random stories/romanticize stories inside of an actual not so entertaining story that they are selling simply for in house laughs OR at the expense of any race make what I deem socially unacceptable jokes. Likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the one below which pokes fun at African Americans...and Kim Kardashian as if this shit is all relative.


I see what they are trying to do and had it (and Kim) not been done about 500 times before I may have chuckled. If the story can't sell itself don't mention it.

BTW, Harvey Levin should really consider getting Max back...

I'm still going to tune in tonight and continue to steal their stories...while crediting them!!

Image/Video: TMZ

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