Thursday, March 13, 2014

LADIES: Ever Wondered What It's Like To Kiss Tyler Perry?

Nia Long has been promoting her new Tyler Perry flick which also stars Perry (act like you know) The Single Moms Club like crazy recently. Nia has been caught on more than one occasion dishing the deets on what is was like to kiss Tyler (with the same scripted answer) and lucky for us it's on tape.

I know why this is news but then again...why are people even discussing this? The question is borderline rude because this is not a typical question for a non-hott guy (no offense).

To me this is more along the lines of "did the kiss feel genuine?" or...Y'ALL know what I'm saying without saying it. Hell I know what these kiss questions are implying without it being said. Arsenio would have been better off asking Tyler's sexual orientation rather than if he got a woody.

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