Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Robin Thicke Vows To Win Paula Patton Back

While kicking off his Blurred Lines tour last week (Feb 27), which was reportedly postponed on it's original date of February 21, Robin Thicke chose to express to his fans in DC his remorse for his recent separation from his wife Paula Patton and that he vowed to get her back.

“For those of you who don’t know, my wife and I got separated a few days ago.  But I want everyone here to know that I”m trying to get my girl back,” he says while removing his jacket and rolling up the sleeves on his white shirt.  “She told me, she said ‘you should go out there, you should tell them the truth.  You should tell them that you’re trying to get me back’,” he says before adding that “she’s a good woman.”

There's so much to read into from this video that it's almost comical. First let me say, I hope these two can work it out for the sake of their child and the last 20 or so years of their lives.

With that said, this sounds like bullshit just as much as the open marriage claims. Robin is remorseful because his beautiful airy wife has woken up and smelled the sour milk. There have been many claims that the VMA performance with Miley Cyrus was the last straw but I highly doubt that. Maybe it was the chick in Paris Robin was caught kissing, his hand up the dress of the fan, the "Blurred Lines" video OR maybe our once free spirited singer is simply feeling himself while still riding on the success of his hit "Blurred Lines". One (me) will hopefully never know and had Robin not have tried to smooth things over with this horrible display of affection I wouldn't be talking about it now.

Robin, fire your publicist (the Oprah interview was the pits as well) and hire a marriage counselor.

FYI, word has it that Robin hightailed it to Canada where Paula is filming to try and patch things up which is why the first few dates of his tour were postponed...reportedly.


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