Friday, March 21, 2014

YAY OR NAY: Rita Ora Goes Short and Shorter In Denim

Rita Ora was spotted arriving to a studio in Los Angeles yesterday in a double dose of denim paired with gold accessories and trendy orthopedic shoes.

The girl is so pretty, dayum near flawless, it's almost easy to dismiss the flaming headdress, peek-a-boo denim display and the sneakers...almost.

I'm all about effortless style but this look seems like it would require more effort than putting on a pair of shorts, a tank and some flats. I don't know what inspired this look (Rihanna??) but I would really like to know what is. Was it a mixture of clothes worn the day before and the first thing you eyes see when you open your closet or look on the floor?

This is not the outfit you put effort into nor an effortless one...NAY, boo.

But your ass looks hott in those shorts!!

BTW, later in the day Rita changed her outfit a bit...

I guess the black socks were throwing off  her headdress.

Pics: Fame Flynet 

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