Thursday, April 3, 2014

Did Porsha Williams Plan To Assault Kenya Moore?

According to she did!!

We discussed the physical altercation between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams at Season 6's reunion show for The Real Housewives of Atlanta a few days ago. There wasn't much to discuss other than the fight made news as well as Kenya's call to 911 for assistance.

Well these days someone close to the situation has told Hollywood Life that Porsha planned the altercation to extend her contract which is reportedly up in the air at this time.

Before you read what the source had to say just check out their urban lingo...for credibility purposes that is.

Porsha Williams is trying to keep money in her pockets and that weave in her hair! In an effort to impress producers and keep her job on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha thought it would be a perfect idea to attack Kenya Moore, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. 

It’s been reported that Kordell Stewart‘s ex-wife is on the chopping block for the next season ofRHOA, and since the show is Porsha’s only source of income, she’s trying to hold on tight to her employment. She decided to take a swing at Kenya, 43, in an effort to boost ratings and secure her spot on the show. 

“Porsha’s not at all violent like that, she’s just trying to keep her gig by all means necessary,” a source close to both reality stars EXCLUSIVELY reveals “She thinks Kenya is an easy target and went after her because she thinks she can hang with her if it came down to it.” 

Nene [Leakes] done said crazy sh*t about Porsha but she wouldn’t dare step to Nene on her absolute best of best days,” the source explains. “She knows she would get laid out.” 

“If young girls are looking up to her, I hope they took note on the best lesson she’s ever taught: Never give up your life and dreams for a man,” the source says. “Be about yours and get your life together first — then pursue that family dream. Porsha got the game all the way backwards and she’s hurting and lashing out at everyone.”

Can I just say this is mere speculation based on what was given as "info". To me this reads like someone who doesn't like Porsha fed a story to a gossip site while not ever mentioning anything rude or character damaging about Kenya. If someone were to tell me that Kenya was the source I wouldn't have any reason not to believe them.

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