Friday, April 4, 2014

Rita Ora Denies Knowing Her Ex Rob Kardashian

During a radio interview with Kyle and Jackie O Rita Ora was asked about her ex Rob Kardashian in which she responded as if he were a stranger.

'I've got no idea what or who you're talking about"

There's somebody reading this thinking the same thing about Rita.

Anywho, Rita's response kinda blew my mind but now that I think about it it's understandable. Rob went on a Twitter rant alleging Rita cheated on him with COUNTLESS men but not only that but Rita is also in a new relationship with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. Who wants to publicly talk about their ex when they have a current love?

I am of the opinion Rob's recent cryptic tweet that he later deleted sparked the question and Rob's behavior also caused the response.
"No one will ever understand how much it hurts" - RK
After a bit of nagging Rita finally gave this response:

"Onwards and upwards guys. Honestly, there's a place and time for everything and people change and evolve. I think time will tell really and you've just got to keep the train moving forward."

She should thank Rob...

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