Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beyonce, Who You Shadin'?


I'm going to run with the current trend that has been floating around of not saying shit yet saying a lot through imagery....mmm hmmm.

See the pic now let's watch Messy Wendy once more...

Wendy has me believing a lot of what she saying because she is simply saying a lot with a few key words. The mere fact that she is mentioning Rachel Roy by name and mocking her theory with the excessive use of the word "alleged" is very telling. However, the hand tattoo removal seems far fetched.

I have a hand tatt and know firsthand how those things fade. I highly doubt if Beyonce were removing the matching tattoo she shares with Jay Z it would be so visible. Although the Aaliyah shirt pic is  possible subtle shade to Rachel I think flaunting an impending tattoo removal nicely propped on her legs publicly would be a bit too risky.

After this On The Run tour...

One more thing, now that Rachel Roy has allegedly be fingered as a culprit this now conveniently lands Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in this mess because Rachel has been labeled a BFF of Kim's.

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