Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blame It On Rachel Roy

This Solange Knowles and Jay Z elevator smack down has escalated and now just about every media outlet is mentioning designer and ex wife to Dame Dash Rachel Roy as the missing piece to the puzzle.

Solange, a soul singer with a short fuse, barked at Roy — the ex-wife of Damon Dash — to keep away from her sister’s man while they partied at the Meatpacking District hotel’s Boom Boom Room. 
“Rachel is a little too close to Jay Z,” a source told The News. “Solange doesn’t like it, and Beyoncé doesn’t like it.”

Solange, 27, unceremoniously told the designer that “anyone who gets close to Jay has to be warned and deal with her as a sister,” a source told Us Weekly. 
Roy, no pushover herself, didn’t back down when Solange told her she was “too close” to Jay Z, a source who was close to the spat said.

“Rachel is combative and a tough girl,” the source said. “She didn’t back down.”

Beyoncé and Jay Z jumped in the middle of the two as they exchanged angry words. At some point, with Solange separated from Roy, Jay Z told his sister-in-law that she was “out of line” for mouthing off to Roy.

With their party mood ruined, the three decided to say goodbye to the Boom Boom Room. But Jay Z had no intention of calling it a night. The Brooklyn hip-hop master said he wanted to go to Rihanna’s after-party at Up & Down on 14th St., though Beyoncé was going to head home to the couple’s little girl, Blue Ivy. 

The problem with that plan, a source said, was Solange thought Roy was going to be at Up & Down — and it led her to get all UFC on Jay Z in the hotel’s elevator, sources said.

I sincerely hope that Solange did not say anyone that gets too close to Jay has to deal with her. Like really?

I hope Rachel clears her name or at least blows the lid of this incident because the speculation is beginning to become draining and she doesn't fully seem like the one to blame here. It's obvious Solange escalated the situation.

Although the Knowles nor Carters have released statements it appears that Jay and Solange are cool because the two were reportedly spotted earlier this week shopping for jewelry in NYC. I hope they were buying a hush gift for Rachel.

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