Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kim Kardashian Claims Her Wedding Will Not Be Televised

Since when does a Kardashian tote their own news? Where's the "source"?

Kim Kardashian took to her Twitter account to set the record straight  regarding her upcoming nuptials to Kanye West.

This wasn't the end of the setting things straight. Kim went on to explain why she felt the need to do this...

Kim claims that she and Kanye would like to keep things private yet she takes to Twitter to address the rumors and ultimately some form of her wedding will be seen.

Sell the photos...

Why not let people speculate? Why encourage more stories by claiming to want things private only to get hassled even more by the paps and news outlets looking for the big news break?

Does this now mean Jay Z and Beyonce will come to the ceremony?

This is what happens when you let your man tweet from your page...

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