Friday, May 23, 2014

The Kardashian Klan Preps For Kimye Wedding

Tomorrow is the big day!! Kim Kardashian may have been a bride 2 times but let's pray the third time coming seals the deal.

Just about anyone who is a framily to Kim and Kanye West is in Paris or on their way to Paris,. The couple's guest list has been leaked (nooooo) and the likes of Ryan Seacrest, John Legend, Tyga and Oprah Winfrey are scheduled to attend what many are deeming the wedding of the year ( I say summer tho). Scheduled not to be in attendance at the ceremony or in Paris is Kim's step-brother Brody Jenner.

Speaking of Jenners, Bruce Jenner has been seen in and around Paris with the klan looking as if he can NAUGHT wait to get the hell away from these people.

Th entire klan was spotted today attending the wedding brunch including Kim's fashionable mother and sisters as well as a very dressed down Bruce. Kanye in his best tux shushed photogs as Kim pushed their sleeping beauty North.

The couple and friends are set to dine at Valentino's Ch√Ęteau de Wideville.

I cannot wait to see Kim and Kanye tie the knot in their wedding bliss. I'm sure with Kanye's touch the wedding will be nothing but a gaudy luxurious experience. I love it!!

One last thing, is it me or does Kim never look happy? I hoep she is simply following Kanye's smug lead and not genuinely unhappy. Hopefully tomorrow she'll bear a smile and someone will comb Kris Jenner's hair. We can't have Khloe upstaging the whole fam now!!

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