Tuesday, May 13, 2014

THEORIES: Jay Z and Solange Knowles Elevator Altercation

Theories simply because I like to say I told you so...

First and foremost, Solange will evidently take the fall for this.

From the looks of arrivals at Met Gala, after seeing the elevator fight scene, I think the Carters/Solange may have had some words before hand.

Judging from the video and the fact that I am human, I think it was odd that Beyonce didn't intervene. At some point celebrity goes out the window and the need to protect and/or help your family kicks in not your brand. By family I mean Solange. Jay did was he was suppose to do but who better than Beyonce to calm her sister down?

Maybe this happens often, like drunk uncle often, and they knew to let her have it out and she would be fine eventually.

One other theory is that Jay Z may have told Beyonce to stay back.

Who knows what sparked this altercation but  it's clear Solange was rageful. We all know how much she likes to protect Bey but my gosh this was an odd physical altercation.

To me the exits and departure say a lot.

The Carters and Solange care a lot about their image. It's one thing to whip some ass in an elevator but to walk out before cameras like nothing happened is beyond words. How did Julius, Jay Z and Beyonce know that the altercation wouldn't spill out into the streets? Because this happened before? Was hotel security not aware their elevator was intentionally stopped with that many celebs in attendance? Why let them all walk out together then only to make Jay ride alone while Beyonce didn't even acknowledge his denial into the car?And are the rumors of an altercation at the after party with Solo and an unknown party true? Did she get into with Rachel Roy? Was she drunk?

Who knows, all I know is Solange put the paws on Jay Z and erased as many traces of Beyonce from her Instagram page as possible...and I wish the video came with audio!!

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