Thursday, May 1, 2014

VIDEO: The Game and T.I. Have A Standoff With LAPD Outside Club

Can't we all just get along...?


The Game and T.I. were in a super-tense standoff with LAPD after a VIOLENT fight at an L.A. club early Wednesday morning. 
A group of guys -- who we're told are "mutual acquaintances" of both Game and T.I. -- were denied entrance at Supperclub. The guys began arguing furiously with security when one member of the posse threw a punch at a security guy.  You hear the punch at the beginning of the fight video. 
Security for the club then descended on 2 members of the posse, beating them to a bloody pulp ... at one point kicking one of them in the face while he was down. 
LAPD cops were present during part of the fight ... as were off-duty officers who were working at the club.

That was almost emotional to watch. I've never been able to watch someone get brutally  physically assaulted as we've seen a lot with the World Star Hip Hop fights and these videos were no different. I'm appalled to click on video and see young black men laying on the ground getting their ass beat for trying to enter a club then only to have their friends defend their honor like they own with another display of violence. We gotta do better...

A few thangs:

The cops were afraid. Had those cameras not been there this could have very well ended differently.

I'm not condoning T.I. and The Game's responses to the situation but I understand especially when they thought LA's finest was involved in the assault.

T.I. needs to stay his three strikes and beyond ass away from and out of trouble.

The Game should chill in public showing his anger...didn't his kid's mom Tiffney Cambridge recently accuse him of assualting her? Mmmm hmmm...

Word on the street, the big guy assaulted by Supperclub security is an OG (their words not mine) of the Bloods. I wouldn't partake in any festivities at this club for a long while.

Did anyone care about the lil dude in the red? He must have been one of T.I.'s friendS.

Shout out to the girl in the floral dress who stuck around for all the shenanigans and still wanted to party.

TMZ isn't going to be happy until one of their camera men gets assaulted.

In better news, season three of Marrying The Game is back, no they didn't change the title, Tiffney and Jayceon are no longer an item and Khloe Kardashian will be on the show.

Ummmm, first time being single in 9 years? The Game was engaged to Valeisha Butterfield in 2006!!

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