Thursday, May 8, 2014

VIDEO: Jada Pinkett Smith Responds Crticis Over Inappropriate Willow Pic


So TMZ was lucky enough to catch up with Jada Pinkett Smith just in the nick of time to comment on the scandalous pic floating around the world wide web of her daughter Willow Smith and grown friend Moises Arias...mmm hmmm. I guess writing another dissertation via Facebook would seem like she's acknowledging something is wrong. Maybe telling me who took the pic and for what I may be swayed by the Smith juice.

But as a mother Jada has to see where people's issue and concern lies. I doubt they were bumping uglies but it's the comfort and inappropriateness that could lead to more down the line. The attitude the Smiths are giving their kids is that they can do anything even if it's socially unacceptable because other people are out of line not THEM.

BTW, covert pedophiles would not complain about your 13-year-old being in bed with a man they'd be COVERT about their response...

Honestly, I feel bad for Moises because I don't think anything happened (yet) and he's being labeled all kinds of pieces of shits. The issue is with Will and Jada for allowing their kids to do whatever and publicly admitting it. This is just the calm before the storm in most folks' eyes not just two friends chilling in a bed in a dark room where probably no adult (other than Moises) supervision occurred.

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