Wednesday, May 7, 2014

VIDEO: Teyana Taylor Isn't Feeling Tae Heckard and Ex Brandon Jennings' Relationship

Gone are the days that celebrities, big or small, held some sort of mystery to their lives. Welcomed are the ways of laying all your issues on the line in an attempt to save face with people who don't know nor are nearly as successful as you are.

Ok, so I told y'all Tae Heckard was engaged to NBA player Brandon Jennings who use to date Teyana Taylor. In true Teyana fashion, as she did Angela Simmons when she too dated Jennings, Teyana has gone on a public tour of bashing the new couple one part of whom she claims use to be her friend/sis.

This is Hollywood people, why are you looking for loyalty? This is nothing new. This chile is talented yet she's on a radio show (The Breakfast Club at THAT) telling the world, who she previously lied to, that this man took her virginity and that she thought Tae was her friend. You mad because a 36-year-old who you claimed to be your friend is now engaged to a man you were engaged to on and off for 6 years....huh?!!

This is beyond high school childish and I was never good at math but this knowledge really doesn't add up when you start subtracting dates and ages.

This is pathetic and Teyana should try another form of publicity...and I don't mean a sex tape.

Twitter should be interesting today...

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