Thursday, May 22, 2014

VIDEO: Torrei Hart Wants You To Watch 'Atlanta Exes'

Torrei Hart the ex wife of Kevin Hart has been making her rounds in the media this week for comments regarding her marriage she made during an Entertainment Tonight special. The special was to promote the upcoming new reality show Atlanta Exes, a spinoff of Hollywood Exes, on VH1.

Here's my thing, back in November of last year we saw Kevin and Torrei at one of their two kids' birthday party seeming genuinely happy yet now that the premeire of the show is coming up we're now back at "Kevin cheated with Eniko". What about the next kid birthday party? How awkward!!


And speaking of the kids, this woman is getting $23k a month and seems like no dumby yet she's resulted to reality televison.

And I wasn't going to acknowlege Tameka Raymond's crocodile tears but Torrei not consoling her during her whimpers tells me there is still some bad blood between the two that I'd love to see played out from the comfort of my living room.

Everybody is not about that reality life!!

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