Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Willow Smith Photo Stirs Up Controversy

So what else new?

There's just certain things I won't do in front of certain people and the same goes about taking pics or pic posting. What in this photo was share worthy? Why is this guy sitting shirtless on the bed with Willow Smith?

The 20-year old guy sitting behind 13-year-old Willow is Moises Arias best known for his role as Rico on Hannah Montana. In other words a grown ass man.

Speaking of grown ass man, where is Willow's father Will Smith? I know he wanted to let his daughter be free so she never would allow any man to limit her but was this his idea of doing what she wants?

Nothing may have happened here but the fact remains they're in a bed, he's shirtless, he's grown, she's laying in the bed and her parents feel she's free to make her own I need to give anymore examples of why this is out of pocket.

BTW, guess who else is intertwined with this story...

It appears the pic was taken by Moises and Willow's friend ... who posted the bed photo and several others of Willow, Jaden Smith and the Jenner girls. 

I'm sure Jada Pinkett Smith will write a dissertation by the COB today...with an excuse "oh he's a family friend". Yeah a family friend with a penis unsupervised with your kid.

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