Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Long Did It Take The Most Liked Photo In Instragram History To Post?

It took four days to perfect the Kiss photo from the Kimye wedding per the mastermind behind the photo himself Kanye West...

It was during a Cannes Lions festival panel discussion yesterday that Kanye revealed it took him and Kim Kardashian four days post wedding to perfect their first wedding photo which was to be released via Kim's Instagram page. Kanye wanted the photos to mimic the work of Annie Leibovitz who pulled out of the couple's wedding days before the ceremony.

‘I’ll tell you a little story about the Kiss photo that my girl put up,’ Kanye told a packed audience of hundreds.
‘She was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much because Annie Leibovitz pulled out of the wedding, because I think she was scared of the idea of celebrity.
‘But because Annie pulled out, I was like “I still want my wedding photos to look like Annie Leibovitz’s photos” and we sat there and worked on that photo for four days – because the flowers were off-colour and stuff like that.
‘Can you imagine telling someone who wants to just Instagram a photo, who’s the number one person on Instagram, “We need to work on the colour of the flower wall”, or the idea that it’s a Givenchy dress, and it’s not about the name Givenchy, it’s about the talent that is Riccardo Tisci - and how important Kim is to the internet. 
‘And the fact the number one most-liked photo [on Instagram] has a kind of aesthetic was a win for what the mission is, which is raising the palette.'

Really? That's all the freak they had to do after their wedding? Photoshopping? Some things aren't even worth sharing.

Also at this technology and culture panel discussion that was also attended by Steve Stout, Kanye felt the need to explain why he married Kim.

‘I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most, I get turned on the most.’

While Kanye is somewhere getting his rocks off on his new bride Barbie the rest of us are wondering where the hell Kim Kardashian pre-Kanye went.


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