Monday, June 23, 2014

In Nosee News...

I wonder why Cassie just started following Diddy  Puff Daddy again?

TEA ALERT: Christina Millian spilt the TEA like#Kermit under her post in response to a fan's comment. She says that her ex-Fiancé was the one slippin' (y'all know that means CHEATIN' 😂) and that what you saw on Instagram of their relationship wasn't really what it seemed to be. Y'all know these instagram couples stay fronting! Watch what you wish for because the milk ain't always clean and everyone isn't always what they "post" to be. Also, Diddy and Cassie are having some issues or summin'. Our #roommate with insomnia caught Cassie following Diddy last night. This means she unfollowed him, and when your woman unfollows you that means you acting up! #cassie #diddy#christinamillian

I had no clue Christina Milian and Jas Prince were over....

Shout out to The Shade Room for always having some of thee most beneficial nosee shit I've ever seen. You have to be good and nosee to even respect that someone noticed these things.

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