Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Am I Going To Have To Stop Watching 'Fashion Police'?

Photo enlarged for emphasis.

Oh dear lawd Joan, this was not only too far but stupid. Joan Rivers is too seasoned of a comedian to make comments that allege thee President of the United States, Barack Obama, is gay and his wife, our First Lady, is a "tranny".

WTF?!! Like, really? I don't think Joan said this for shits and giggles I think the woman is getting old and obviously can't see. She looks like a tranny!!

Joan's ass is old. Older than her first plastic surgery and when you get to be that age you start not giving two shits about what you say and the public is the last thing you need to be addressing.

LOOK!! She can't even take it anymore but sh esure knows how to dish it.

I'll wait for an apology. I hope it comes before Friday...and maybe she'll apologize for the Blackie O joke as well.

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