Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Being Bobby Brown...

The role of Bobby Brown in the upcoming Whitey Houston biopic has been revealed and I must say I am not sold. Belize-born actor Arlen Escarpata scored the coveted role (I was hoping Bobby would play himself) and I have the visuals to prove it.

I'm not going to put too much thought into the dude's look because the movie director Angela Bassett IMO looked nothing like Tina Turner except for her physique and I think she nailed the role...and let's not get started on Laurence Fishburne as Ike TurnerDo you know how stunned I was when I finally saw what Ike Turner looked like!?!!

I'll watch the flick to judge Arlen any further...but they better add some leather to his wardrobe and hire a dance coach.

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