Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brittney Gastineau Spotted With Her Abusive Ex

Are you wondering just who the hell Brittney Gastineau? Wikipedia lists her as:

"an American model, socialite, and reality television personality."

I know her as one of  Kim Kardashian's BFF who always hangs with her mom Lisa Gastineau but what I didn't know was that she is also the daughter of  former NFL player Mark Gastineau. The New Yorker also attended college at the University of Alabama before turning to modeling.

Anywho, now that that's cleared up let's get into this mess.

Brittney was attacked by her street artist boyfriend Marquis Retna Lewis in a West Hollywood hotel in early June. The attack was so brutal that it left Brittney with an black eye and glass in her face and scalp from a broken bottle.

Marquis claims he just had knee surgery and that him was defending himself in a mutual physical assault with Gastineau.

Ultimately the two handled the situation last month out of court where she was paid off but now the two have been spotted together strolling through Century City Mall (they didn't care if there were seen IMO).

People go back to their abusers all the time while most never get financially compensated (WTF) they do go back but I have to wonder would most go back if the majority of the world knew it? I hope this doesn't happen again. The one thing Brittney will need is the compassion and support of others but will she get it again if there is an again?

Ironically Britt recently dished to Glamour four things she didn't know until she was 30. Just take a peek at one of her four things...

Lesson Learned: A Man Can't Make You HappyWe all make mistakes in our twenties, and for me it was an entire decade full of mistakes made and lessons learned. One of the most important lessons? That we are all responsible for our own happiness. Happiness cannot come from a man—or from anyone else, for that matter. Happiness must come from within, and when it does you will feel it and show it, inside and out. 


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