Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Is Nicki Minaj's Biggest Fan

Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram to declare his love and loyalty to Nicki Minaj. This may be of surprise to many being as though Floyd and Nicki's nemesis  Lil Kim have been very close in the past.

"#repost by @nickiminaj --- she is the best female rapper in the game. If somebody's got a problem with Nicki, they got a problem with me."- FM
Hopefully Nicki isn't too hyped about Floyd's recent adoration for her. From what I would speculate, either Floyd is upset with his gal pal Kim or he's simply taking Nicki's side against his opponent's new found enemy T.I.'s protege Iggy Azaela who Nicki obviously has issues with.

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