Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Robin Thicke Wants Your Help To Win His Wife Back

Or does he want you to buy his Paula album that hit stores today?

Robin Thicke has been campaigning to get his wife Paula Patton ever since the news of their separation broke earlier this year. Instead of taking time off to work on his marriage or begging skills Robin decided to dedicate all his time into making an album in an effort to get his wife back.

Check out a few offerings Robin has given us in the recent weeks all in effort to sell an album win Paula back.

Am I suppose to feel sorry that Robin hasn't seen Paula in four months? NO!! He should work out his personally life during his personal time. For someone who has been called all kinds of douche bags I find it rather stupid that he would dedicate all his time into an album to win his wife back instead of putting in the foot work.

Even if Robin is sincere I'm not buying it. This album naming, videos and somber act has to be douchiest* thing he's ever done other than making himself look like he's depressed for the sake of an album  winning his wife back.

BTW, this is my jam!!

Robin, send Paula all the proceeds from your cut...she'll get back!!

But all jokes aside, if Robin is sincere for his sake I really hope he gets his girl back. In fact, I heard Steve Harvey say he had an idea on how Robin could get Paula back and was going to call the troubled singer to tell him about.

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