Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kim Kardashian Stops By 'Watch What Happens Live'

A day late, as usual, but I had to re-watch and analyze what the hell I was watching and why I was watching it. First and foremost, why the hell Kim Kardashian was really on Watch What Happens Live? Not that others have come on without anything to promote simply as a fan but this is a Kardashian. They make no appearances without good reasoning.

So why was Kim there? To promote that dayum toilet coffee table selfie book and her game app. See!! But the best part of the interview occurred while Kim played one of Andy Cohen's infamous most games Plead The Fifth. It was there that she had a chance to kinda comment publicly (besides Twitter) on how she really feels about Adrienne Bailon who slammed not on her ex Rob Kardashian but their entire brand in a Latina mag interview we posted not to long.

Let's see (the video isn't available any longer) what Kim had to say when asked who she would rather have for a sister-in-law....Rita Ora or Adrienne. Both have publicly slammed Rob in recent months.

“I would say, Adrienne Bailon.  She was in our lives for a long time. I know she’s a really sweet girl, she has good intentions, and a good heart,” Kim said, after taking a moment to ponder.

This is a change considering all the K sisters came for Adrienne on Twitter in response to comments with Khloe going so far to post "FDB". For those of you just as out of the loop as me that means "f**k that bitch" and Rob retweeted tweet. 

I guess when you have something to sell you get politically correct. Mmmm hmmm....

In an attempt to not make another Kim post today can I just say her Teen Choice Awards attire was amazing...except the shoes.

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