Monday, September 15, 2014

Kanye West Does It Again...

Once again Kanye West has tried to be crown the douchiest asshole in the world. This time Kanye took his talents to Sydney where he demanded his entire concert audience to stand UNLESS they were disabled to party along with the rapper as he performed his hit "Good Life". In fitting Kanye luck there just so happened to be disabled concert goers in attendance that were in turn called out by Kanye.

This can't be real? How is it that Kanye keeps getting himself into these crazy ass situations? Yes there just so happened to be two disabled patrons, one wheelchair bound and another who actually held up his prosthetic leg during Kanye's rant, in the arena and yes it just so happens that Kanye West is an asshole by choice and would humiliate himself like this.

But as I always say, all press is good press and today we are hard pressed on ridiculing Kanye for being the asshole that he is. Are you surprised, at all? He sorta apologized in his won way...

"Now if he's in a wheelchair it's fine. Only if he's in a wheelchair."

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