Friday, May 1, 2015

Kobe Bryant Wants His Daughter To Date When She's Married

Kobe Bryant is ready for his eldest daughter, Natalia, to  enter her teenage years and began dating. As a matter of fact he doesn't want her to date until she is married. During an Insider interview Kobe dished on what type of father he would be when his daughter began to date.

 "What age can she start dating? When she's married," Bryant cracked. "We still don't know what came first, the chicken or the egg right? I mean, she can date when she's married."
"I'm going to arrange it, it's just going to be when she's married, which by definition means she can't date."

Ain't that some shit!! I guess he knows how men can be (mmmhmmmm) and doesn't want karma to come knocking on his door. The greatest thing about this all is that he has not only one but TWO daughters.

Good luck, Kobe, finding someone to treat your daughters just as good as you treat(ed) your wife.

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