Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rihanna Casually Strolls Through JFK Airport In Dainty Heels

Don't you just wish you could where whatever to work? Well Rihanna can and does as she did through  JFK airport en route to LAX  this week in a pair of pink feather heels accompanied by relaxed fit distressed  jeans, a blouse revealing her toned stomach and lace undies.

Now it may not look as if Rihanna was working but I am sure where she is going is work related and/or her work afforded her the opportunity to go where she is going. Either way her work life is better than most and those slippers aided in the TSA check.

If you're wondering what's in the large white carry on bag it's a DOG. Not just any dog but a dog Rihanna adopted after she found him at the club in West Hollywood hot spot 1Oak to be exact. The dog ran up to her and it's been a wrap ever since. Only Rihanna.

While we all may not have a lifestyle as grand as Rihanna we can smell like her. The pop star is gearing up for another perfume release just this week revealing the photography for said perfume.

What a life...

BTW, I see Melissa being the subject of a future Gym Motivation post...abs, abs, abs.

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