Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Russell Wilson Isn't Getting Any of Ciara's Goodies

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, best known as Ciara's boyfriend these days, sat down for an interview with Pastor Miles McPhearson that turned into a chat about abstaining from having sex.

At first thought I thought this was way too intimate for my likes and that this sounded like BS coming from a Ciara Stan wanting some attention but my feelings changed after pondering on the topic a bit.

I wish more celebrities would use their fame for greater issues than ratchet fuck shit. Rather or not they want or feel they are role models...they are. Look at the trends of the world and where they began. Celebrity influence is greater than many realize. If more would speak up about worthy causes and doing whats right in life our youth would be more conscious in my opinion...with the help of parents and family of course.

Although I may not wholeheartedly believe this I will say I like the platform Russell is standing on as well as the values he and Ciara are claiming to have.

Something isn't right here tho. I hope for Ciara's sake this isn't some stunt to make Russell look like a saint for dating a woman with a child after he just divorced. Why share something so sacred? I see the good and the bad in divulging this information...for a megachurch pastor. But why are you being interviewed in the first place?

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