Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SPOTTED: Kelly Rowland In "BeyGood" Tee While Out With Son

Kelly Rowland and Beyonce are sisters as the two have self-proclaimed since their Destiny's Child days so it was of no surprise to see Kelly out and about with her infant son Titan broadcasting her sister's good deeds.

What I love so much about Kelly is that she seems genuine as if she hasn't been prepped and studied to be who she is . AND the girl is simply beautiful. How many celebs can you name that look amazing without make up?

While Kelly may look effortlessly stylish in her BeyGood tee it's more than just a fashion piece.

Your purchase of a BeyGOOD Haiti t-shirt can help solve an urgent funding crisis with all proceeds from sales of this shirt directly aiding St. Damien in re-opening an abandoned wing and continuing to aid the people of Haiti.
Unfortunately we can longer purchase BeyGood tees but the best  part of that is the campaign reached it's goal.

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