Tuesday, July 21, 2015

SPOTTED: Queen Latifah Strolling Through NYC

It may be hard to believe in this world that we are living in now but there are some celebs that don't thirst the attention of the paparazzi and those celebs are the ones I enjoy posting about every now. Queen Latifah fits the bill for the low key celeb. Unless she's working on screen or endorsing a brand she's MIA never over saturating the Internet candidly or purposely.

Just last week Queen Latifah and her girlfriend, Eboni Nichols, were spotted casually in matching outfits walking the streets of NYC both seeming to not to be too hard pressed to be photographed.

It's nice to see the Queen out and about living her life with no shame. Not to say she was living in shame but she also wasn't broadcasting her personal preferences or lifestyle for a while.

Cheers to You being YOU!!

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