Tuesday, July 14, 2015

VIDEO: Brandy Gets Ignored On Subway

Let me just say that if I saw Brandy on the subway or in Subway with glasses and a scarf on I would totally know who she was. AND I know her voice well enough if my eyes fail me!!

Anywho, everybody's fav Brandy took the subway recently unrecognized in NYC where she is playing Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical Chicago. While on the train Brandy perfectly belted out some vocals from Stephanie Mills' 'Home' while not even a soul recognized her nor complimented her on her notes. I think she must have been on the upper side of town...

Those vocals and that never aging face are AMAZING!! If I were on that train I would have stalked her the moment we breathed the same air .

BTW, you gotta love how New Yorkers are so unfazed by celebs...even the ones they don't recognize. I guess the nobodies singing on the train messed it up for B-Rocka.

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