Wednesday, July 8, 2015

VIDEO: Tyrese Explains Why 'Black Rose' Will be His Last Album

Tyrese, who we became familiar with via a Coca-Cola commercial back in the 90s, has decided to retire from music after he releases his new album 'Black Rose'. Tyrese stated to Entertainment Tonightt that he would not only would like to star in the next Green Lantern installment but that he'd also like an executive role in Hollywood.

Tyrese credits a divorce as well as a nasty custody battle with his ex and the death of Paul Walker for his 3-year hiatus/desire to break away from music  all together. But don't fret because Tyrese just may pop up on a tour one of these days.

"You can tour for the rest career off of your catalog. You don't have to drop an album every single year and be jockeying for positions on charts."

ChapStick, Anyone?

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